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Behavior Support planning for school educators, daycare providers, and parents

I've spent over the last decade working alongside school administrators, teachers, educators, and parents who needed quick and effective solutions to extremely challenging behaviors. 

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- Leanne, National board certified teacher, district bcba

Spencer was always calm and reassuring in the biggest crisis and always found a way to bring the joy in. She was a very good listener. Validates how your learners feel (adults and kids) and also challenges them. People want to build capacity for her.

- Maxwell, special education teacher

Spencer enables people to feel confident in their own abilities and adds tools and tricks along the way. She approached each case and child with a clean slate to better understand the “why” behind the behavior.

Spencer supported me with debriefing after intense behavior escalations and helped me navigate the school systems as a whole during my first year in the district.

- Titrice, district board certified behavior analyst (bCBA)

- Holly, School administrator, LICENSED PSYCHOLOGISt

Spencer was responsive to the needs of our team, sought and conveyed information accurately and efficiently. She was warm and compassionate. She continues to be
someone who has the highest of professional and ethical standards. 

- Maxwell, special education teacher

Working in these higher acuity settings, skills I learned from Spencer are helpful in not only defusing dangerous situations but also in adding that level of confidence that is so important.

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