Refusal, protests, Non-Compliance?

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The Guidebooks

  • You have a student not attending school, refusing to stay in designated areas, or disengaged from classroom activities.

  • Need practical steps on how to respond to refusals and protests when they happen!

  • Need a refreshing list of guiding questions for upcoming staff and parent meetings.

This Refusal ebook will be helpful for you if

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- Maxwell, teacher

Spencer enables people to feel confident in their own abilities and adds tools and tricks along the way. She approached each case and child with a clean slate to better understand the “why” behind the behavior.

- Leanne, School bcba

Spencer was always calm and reassuring in the biggest crisis and always found a way to bring the joy in. She was a very good listener. Validates how your learners feel (adults and kids) and also challenges them. People want to build capacity for her.

- Titrice, School bCBA

Spencer supported me with debriefing after intense behavior escalations and helped me navigate the school systems as a whole during my first year in the district.

- Becca, Behavior Technician

Spencer always had a smile on her face - even in the tough days.
No matter the position, you treated everyone as an equal. Spencer not only already possess a lot of knowledge in behavior intervention, she also strived to learn more.

- Maxwell, teacher

Skills Spencer has taught me have carried over from my experience as a paraeducator, to my work as psychiatric counselor at an inpatient hospital, and finally with my career as a high school teacher working with students from the hospital. Working in these higher acuity settings, skills I learned from Spencer are helpful in not only defusing dangerous situations but also in adding that level of confidence that is so important.

Educator Reviews

  • Guided interview
  • Share your story
  • Discuss obstacles & support gaps
  • Completely confidential

Do you need to debrief your situation with someone who has been there?
Think of this as a refreshing fireside chat.

Single Sessions

  • The Problem With Rewards.
  • Why Behavior Happens
  • What is Your Role?
  • How to Respond

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of reinforcement in your school, yet still finding students unable to change behavior and cope through their school day?

Respond Without Rewards

  • What is meaningful data?
  • Types of data collection.
  • How to interpret behavior data
  • Downloadable data sheets

Not all data collection is created equal.
Learn what data really matters and why.

How to Take Meaningful Behavior Data

Sessions are virtual from the convenience of your own home!

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I am a behavior specialist, Title 1 schools instructor, wife of a firefighter, and toddler mom

My absolute passion is helping educators reclaim their classrooms by knowing exactly how to respond to challenging behavior when they see it.

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Hey there, I'm Spencer.

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